Monthly Archives: July 2011

Are all ideas good?

I enjoy riding roller coasters, but I am not sure this guy has the best way to experince the ride.

It is amazing all the different ideas man can come up with to seek a thrill or acomplish something never done before.  We have been given minds, driven by our hearts to amazing life changing things.

Unfortunately and all to often we come up with ideas that can cause more pain than good.  This has been the case throughout history.  The desire of fame and wealth have lead to ideas that have countries to war and men to die.  The want for more has left many hurt and so many others disatisfied.  The ideas that come from such desires can be powerful, but in a way that is devastating.

What if there were more people, like Jonas Salk?  He created the who polio vaccine, not for profit, but in hopes to save lives.  He shared it with everyone who was in need.  What would a world filled with ideas and desires like Jonas Salk look like?

It would have to pleasing to God more than a man who uses his ideas for a cheap thrill.  What will you and I use with what God has given us.  Will we use it for our own personal gain or for His glory.