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Making Your Dream A Reality: Our first class field trip to Disenyland!

Hundreds of millions of people yearly make a trip to a Disneyland theme park. Around 120 million to be more accurate, which is three times more visitors than any other theme park. Whether it is a person’s first time or fortieth time it is hard not to take in the detail and imagination that went into designing the place.

I still remember as a kid walking into Disneyland for the first time. As I walked into the gates I saw a band playing in front of a Mickey Mouse shaped flower garden. After walking through a tunnel, under a train station, we were on Main Street. Seeing the distinctly different buildings and watching the multiple kinds of transportation was fascinating for my five year old mind. I saw horse drawn carriages, double decker buses, and all kinds of cool looking old cars. Then I looked down Main Street and my eyes instantly enlarged to take in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  As I walked down Main Street and looked to my right, I saw flying rockets soaring around in Tomorrowland and heard high pitched screams coming from the frosted Matterhorn. I looked to the left and
saw gateways opening to Adventureland and Frontierland and was left wondering
what was behind each one. After picking up my chin from the ground in amazement
we headed trough the castle and into Fantasyland where I couldn’t wait to go on my first ride, Peter Pan. My mind was filled with amazement and adventure that day.

Most of us have had a similar experience in seeing Disneyland for the first time, but rarely do we get to go behind the scenes to see how it all came to be. How Walt Disney made his dream become a reality. How he was able to captivate and stir the imaginations of so many. On Thursday, September 29th we will take our first field trip to Disneyland. We will spend three plus hours in Disneyland exploring three main attractions Walt Disney was behind the creation of. How enlightening it will be to see and hear about a man and his vision that has greatly changed the culture of America.