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Our Biola University visit.

“Education Will Set You Free!”

Today we visited Biola University in La Mirada, California.  As we arrived we faced, what many commuting students face daily at many universities, finding parking.  It was a challenge worth facing as the day only got better and better.

We first got to learn about the history of Biola and all it had to offer.  We learned that to be apart of any great university one has to plan well ahead of their high school years.  The choices a six grader makes now, can affect their opportunities in the future.  Something worth thinking about.

We then were taken on a tour of the campus, from modern classrooms, to decorative dorms (the guys side takes the idea of decorating a little differently), to the sports facility and , and lastly to the library.  At the library we were reminded that we are called to be lights to the world and that as our knowledge of Christ and the world he created grows so will our ability to be lights for Him in this world.

Needing to recharge our minds and bodies we went and enjoyed more food than we probably should have in school’s option filled cafeteria.  Can you say YUM!  No wonder people have to fight off the freshman fifteen.

Lastly, we got to visit the campus’ elite program, the Torrey Honors Institute.  Here we met with its founder and director Dr. John Mark Reynolds.  He graciously enlightened us with the importance, value, and power of education.  We learned that we do not get educated to just get a job and earn money, but that education sets us free and allows us to become leaders.  Through historical figures as Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, and Theodore Roosevelt we learned the importance of reading, learning from the past, stretching your mind in arithmetic, and the need to live as a good person.  In sharing this we learned that if we take the opportunities we have to learn and use them are lives can mean something in the world around us and make a lasting mark.  Something worth striving for.  He also continually shared how knowledge allows God to fill our life with joy, and the more knowledge we gain and use, the more joy He can pour into our lives.

I am truly grateful for the time Dr. John Mark Reynolds spent with us sharing his love and value for education.  Thank You!

For those parents who didn’t make the trip ask your students tons of questions and continue to share and show them the value of education through your example.

Thank you to all the parents who drove and spent the day with us.  Our next field trip will be on Friday, December 9th.

Future Scholars

Well done students on an exceptional job in your studies this quarter!

At today’s Honor Roll Chapel it was great seeing so many students being acknowledged for the work they have accomplished.  Keep striving for greatness and capturing all that God has for you to learn.  To those not pictured, keep at it and we will see you in this picture next time.

BIOLA University Field Trip 11/29/11

DRCS 6th Grade Class

BIOLA University Field Trip

La Mirada, California

Tuesday, November 29th –8:30am to 4:30pm

In two weeks we will be taking our next field trip to BIOLA (Bible Institute of Los Angeles) University.  Our goal for this trip is to deeply instill a desire for learning in your student’s life.  Through a school tour, hearing from current college students, and visiting the prestigious Torrey Honors Institute, our students will get a good taste of how education can provide you with many opportunities.  More importantly how continuing to challenge one’s mind and heart greatly enables us to be shaped into what Christ created us to be.  We want and desire the 6th grade class to see the value of becoming life learners as well as knowing the steps needed to take for higher education.

Here are some important details about the trip.

  • We will be meeting in the classroom at 8:30am.  Students please wear your DRCS shirts or attire.
  • We will be returning between at 4:30pm.
  • Each child and adult will need to pay $6 for lunch in the Universities cafeteria.
  • We are in need of at least 3 parents who are willing to drive and take students with their own vehicles.
  • Please return the permission slip form, signed by Thursday, November 17th

Thank You,

Mr. Thompson

New Fundraisers

Peel-Off Cards and Candles for the holidays!

I hope you have already got the information about the Peel-Off Card fundraiser and are already off and selling.  Remember they are $10 each and you earn $5 for each sale.  The orders are due back by December 5th to make sure we can get the cards in time for Christmas.

This week we will also be sending home our holiday candle fundraiser.   We earn at least 40% of our sales and up to 60% depending on how many candles we sell as a whole.  The candle sets are $12 each and in order to get them back before Christmas break we need them returned by December 1st.

Whoever sells the most Peel-Off Cards and Candles will  each recieve a $10 Coldstone gift card.  Good Luck

Raffle Update!

First, thank you to everyone who participated and helped out in this years raffle.  We had over 70 prizes and we sold 1,256 tickets.  Everyone who participated earned $90 towards their fundraising account.  A special thank you needs to be given to the Champin family as they organized all the gifts and ran the raffle at the Harvest Carnival.  Thank you for all your hard work.  A special thanks also needs to go out to Mrs. Murphy who brought in the most donations.  Thank you again to everyone who was involved as it was a success.