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Dollar Project

Throughout December we have been discussing the “Power of Money”.

The power it can have on us and the reason why we do what we do.  This is dealing with greed, possessions, and even our eating habits.  We have then been looking at how money can also be used as a tool to change people’s lives powerfully.  Feeding the hungry, supplying education for those with no means, encouraging others in the community in need, and so on.

Money has the ability to be used to do some powerful things, both good and bad.  We want the students to see this in their own lives and want to choose and desire to use money to make a difference.  That is where the dollar project assignment takes action.  Even with just a dollar, students are asked to use it in a powerful and positive way.  As a parent please talk to your students about how they can do that this season.

The assignment is laid out as follows.

6th Grade DOLLAR Project

The Assignment:

Take this dollar, that is now yours, and use it in a powerful way.

This dollar is yours.  It now belongs to you.  If you lose it you must replace it.

You must come up with a positive and powerful way to use your dollar.

Think hard!

How you will be graded:

Only three kinds of grades will be given, A, C, or F.

An “A” grade will be awarded for a powerful idea.

A “C” grade will be given for an ordinary idea.

A “F” will be given if you lose the dollar and don’t replace with your own

or do nothing with it.

Must have proof of how it was used.  (Receipt, note from parent, etc.)

Due Thursday, January 5th

Important Reminder!

Don’t forget this Friday’s field trip and fundriaser due.

Field trip to the City Mission and Victoria Garden from 8:30 to 3pm this Friday, December 9th  

Please make sure to turn in the permission slip by Thursday.  Also, if you can drive it would be great.

Peel-Off Card fundraiser –   I also wanted to remind everyone that the Peel Off Card fundraiser is due Friday as well.

You may turn it in later, but I cannot If you do not send it in by Friday I cannot guaranteeo I will get them back by Christmas break.

San Bernardino City Mission & Victoria Gardens Field Trip

Friday, December 9, 2011

8:30am to 3:00pm

Cost $7 – Includes Lunch

Hello Parents & Students,

Our next class field trip is just around the corner.  Sorry for the late notice.

This month we are studying the power of money and the ideas in which we can use money in powerful, life-changing ways.  Our next field trip is to give us two distinctly different experiences in two distinctly different venues.

First we will be going to the San Bernardino City Mission Distribution Center to learn about the needs of those with no money.  We will see what takes place in our city to help those who are in need.  While there we will also be taking part in a service project to help make a positive difference in the city in which we live.

Second we will be going to Victoria Gardens, the Inland Empire’s most extravagant shopping center.  Here we will see the flip side of those who don’t have money, to those who can spend money.  Although shopping, gift giving, and eating out aren’t bad in of themselves, they are often not the best use of our funds.  In visiting two very different places we will be able to see how money and its power can be used or abused.

No extra money is allowed to be spent on this trip.  We will not be shopping but exploring and revealing the power of money.  This goes for the parents as well. 

We are in need of at least four drivers for this field trip. The cost for parents and students is $7 and includes lunch at Victoria Gardens in a unique way. 

Please fill out the permission slip form and return it by Wednesday, December 7th

Again, I apologize for the late notice.