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Our Trip to the Richard Nixon Library

In our visit to the sixth garade class was able to see all that a life of one of our country’s presidents can entail.  From seeing a moon rock returned from the first visit to the moon, to tromping through the President’s Helicopter, visit to countries all over the world, and to seeing pictures of visist from such legends of Elvis Presley to the White House, our students could easily see that the life of a President brings a myriad of opportunity.

In seeing that, it shows the power the words that a U.S. President uses can have on a nation and the world.  We also learned, through Nixon’s life, the power of a speech to get him to the Presidency.

We got to learn about Nixon’sfamous “Checkers” speech to prove his inocience to become our countries Vice President.  We also learned from his loss to JFK in 1960 that how one looks and presents himself in a speech can greatly affect the outcome of an election as well.

As President we got to learn how Nixon also spoke with action in how he often would reach out is hand in friendship and peace to other nations, such as China and Russia.  We got to see life size images of many of who he met and also the gifts in which he recieved from them.

We even got to see a replica of the office where Nixon spent his time writing his most famous speeches, such as the “Silent Majority”, to help unite or country during the Vietnam War.

There was plenty to take in and see.  Be sure to ask your students what they found interesting.

Thanks to all the parents who drived and to our great tour guide.











January Field Trip: Nixon Library

Sixth Grade Field Trip

To the Richard Nixon Library

Thursday, January 26, 2011


Some important details about the trip:

We are studying the power of a speech through President Nixon’s address to the Nation on the war in Vietnam.  Are goal is for students to see the power a speech can make in moving others to believe and do what is needed.  At the museum we will discover a broader view of Nixon’s influence as our 37th President.

We will be meeting at the school at 8:15am and leave as soon as possible for the Library.  We should arrive back around 2:30pm.  Your student may be picked up at the regular time.

We will be eating at Lamppost Pizza for lunch, this will include all you can eat pizza and drinks.

I am asking each student to wear his or her DRCS T-shirt or sweatshirt.  If you do not own a DRCS T-shirt please dress respectfully.

Each student will need to bring $10 for lunch and to cover the cost of the trip.

Each adult attending will also need to bring $10 for lunch and the cost of the trip.

Drivers are needed, so please let us know if you are interested.

The Art of Telling A Joke

Sometimes you only need a picture to bring laughter, but other times the use of ones word can cause an eruption of laughter. 

The last couple of days we have been learning the art of telling a joke.  We all have received strained stomach muscles and extra stomach muscles from hearing a good joke told.  There is power in humor as it can lighten a mood and bring people together.  At the same time there is power in learning how to tell a good joke.  Learning when to pause, the crafting of words, and the ability to hold a crowd in suspense can also be skills used in giving a powerful, persuasive speech.

That is what we want to be able to teach the students this month.  We will be doing this by different methods from reading one of President Nixon’s speech, hearing Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech, and allowing the students to practice the art of persuasive speech themselves.

By learning the power of a speech students will be able to inspire and influence others.  Wouldn’t it be great if students in this class can use their voices and words to change the world or better yet be used to transform people’s hearts?

Mandatory Parent Meeting

Thursday, January 12th at 7pm.

I hate to use the word mandatory, but there is much needed discussion about fundraising, transportation, and other details for our upcomming trip.  I know a considerable amount of time has already been given, and I thank you for that.  More work needs to be done and your help is needed.  Also at this time I need to know what parents will be coming on the trip and any special rooming requests.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!