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Our Last Car Wash – April 28th

DRCS 6th Grade

Year End Fundraiser

Car Wash  

 At Highland Tires

  Saturday, April 28th  

 8:00am to 1:00pm  

Cost $10  

 Presale Tickets Available

Buy them at the School Office

  Highland Tires is located at 2536 Highland Avenue on Highland and Arden
Parents and students please sign up to help out on the list by the sixth grade halway!


Our April Field Trip

Ronald Reagan Library &

Air Force One Discovery Center

Friday, April 27, 2012

In less than two weeks we are going to the Reagan Library and the Air Force One Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is an unique educational experience.  Students will be facing the challenges and responsibilities of presidential decision making and military planning in the midst of a reenactment of an international crisis.  They will be taking a journey back to 1983, to the Presidency of Ronald Reagan and the Grenada Crisis.  During this time, the oval office staff, and military commanders worked tirelessly to rescue 800 American medical students.

Students will be given roles of people who faced the crisis.  Acting as President, his cabinet, and military advisors; students will make vital decisions regarding the Grenada Crisis.  They will debate the merits of various diplomatic and military options and share their opinions with the acting President, who will then have to make the final decision.

Parents, be careful not to give away the ending of this crisis in our nation’s history in order to allow the students to make actual decisions.  Also, I am sorry to say that parents will not be allowed in the Discovery Center during the first part of our trip.  You will be able to explore the library during your student’s experience.

Here are the details about the trip:

  • We will be meeting at 7:00am in the morning and returning around 4:00pm.
  • We are asking each student to dress up professionally to get into character for their roles.
  • The trip cost for each student is $5.  Parents cost is $15.
  • We are in need of at least 3 drivers for this trip.
  • Each student and adult will need to bring a sack lunch
  • Please return the attached permission slip form and media release form, signed as soon as possible.

We Have A Leader!

Today, the sixth grade class did a tremendous job chosing and stating their reasons to institute new policies if they were our country’s President.

Most discussed were the issues of health care for children, feeding the homeless, and the need to make fast-food healthier.  Excellent job students in making your case for the issues you most cared about.

Ultimately this was done to see who would best fit the role of President on our next field trip to the Ronald Reagan Library and Discovery Center.  As many students proved themselves worthy, Sophia Trejo came out as the best fit.  Well done!  Everyone else will each be assigned a role as the field trip draws closer.

Here are some details about our trip to the Ronald Reagan Library & Air Force One Discovery Center.

  • Field trip will take place Friday, April 27th.
  • From 7am to 4pm.
  • Cost per student $5
  • Cost per adult $15
  • A sack lunch will be needed
  • Drivers Needed

What If I Was President?

This month in class the students are preparing for our upcoming field trip to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  There at the library they will take part in a re-enactment of a crisis that occurred during Reagan’s presidency.

To help assign roles such as President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and other cabinet and military positions during the crisis there will be a contest tomorrow in class.   Each student will give a speech discussing policies they would support if they were our countries next President.  Policies stretching from dealing with homeless, college education, and gas prices.

Please take time today to encourage and discuss issues with your child.  The speeches will take place tomorrow morning in class.