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Manzanar Day One!

After a three-hour drive to what seems like the middle of nowhere we meet Carrie, Manzanar’s devoted Park Ranger and our teacher for the day!

Seeing the barracks the Japanese Americans had to call their new home; dusty, cramped, and nothing like home.

Viewing a model of the camp that housed over 10,000 Japanese Americans during WWII

Being shown the baseball fields that many teams played in to make a better community.

Learning about the people of the camp:  “Ten Thousand People, Ten Thousand Stories!”

 Standing where a bathroom once stood were privacy and dignity were stripped away.

A pond made by the  Japanese to bring much-needed solitude and beauty.

Manzanar Field Trip Reminder

Del Rosa Christian School’s

Sixth Grade Overnight Fall Trip

To Manzanar  

Japanese War Relocation Center

10/29/12 – 10/30/12

You will need this important information for our field trip:

7:45am Monday, October 29th – Meet at DRCS so we can pack as we are planning to leave at 8am sharp.  Please eat breakfast before you come, we will not be stopping until lunch except for bathrooms.

5:00 pm Tuesday, October 30th – Return home to DRCS (Possibly as early as 4 pm)

Our emergency telephone numbers:

Mr. Thompson (951) 217- 8956

Pastor Steve (909) 800-2398

Please do not send your children with cell phones.  If you wish to call your student or have your student call you we are more than willing to lend our phones.

We are staying at the Best Western Frontier Motel just of the 395 in Lone Pine

Phone number to motel is (760) 876-5571

Each room will have two queen beds and four people.

An adult will be staying in each room.

If you want a personal room for an extra charge please let me know ASAP.

Field trips are a part of Del Rosa Christian School’s regular activities.  As a class, we represent the school and most importantly our Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, school rules and regulations must be followed.

  • Dress Code – Modesty and neatness are key words when planning what to pack for this trip!  The school dress code is the guide in determining modest apparel.
  • Please make sure to pack a good pair of shoes, as we will be walking on rough terrain.
  • You will want to pack pants in case it is cold or raining.
  • The motel has a pool, but it will be too cold and windy at night to use it.
  • Students will need a warm coat or sweater for the cold night and brisk morning air.
  • Don’t forget to pack toiletries.

Personal Electronics – No CD players, I-Pods, MP3’s, PSP’s, DS’s, or portable DVD players may be brought on the trip.  Students may only carry cell phones at a parent’s request.

Luggage – Each person may bring one piece of luggage, but try to keep it small.  You may also bring a backpack.

Meal Money – Each person attending the trip should bring enough money to cover 2 fast food lunch meals.  $15 to $20 should be sufficient.  A pizza dinner is covered in the price as well as a full breakfast at the motel.

Other spending money is up to you.  Students will be responsible for handling their own money, so only send the amount you feel they will be able to handle.  $10 to $20 is more than enough in my opinion.

Snacks – I encourage each parent to send snack foods with your child.

Miscellaneous –

  • Please make sure to bring a Bible, pen, and notebook for our devotional times.

I am excited about this trip, and look forward to spending quality time outside of the classroom with the students.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

In Christ

Mr. Thompson

Harvest Raffle & News

The Carnival & Raffle is 9 Days Away!

Thank you to everyone who has gotten donations & brought them in.

Tickets are starting to sell and the more prizes we have the more tickets we will sell.

Keep up the hard work and hussle sixth grade!

grace harvest flyer 1012

Raffle Prizes

The Harvest Carnival Raffle is two weeks away and we need more prizes.

Please continue to hunt down donations!  Bring donation letters when you go shopping or out to eat.  I heard mom and pop places are the most helpful and generous.

A big thanks to Laura Baily for all she has done to get this fundraiser moving in the right direction.

Manzanar Overnight Trip

Manzanar Overnight Field Trip

Monday, October 29th – Tuesday, October 30th

     In three weeks we will be taking our first overnight field trip to the Owens Valley to tour and experience Manzanar.  Manzanar was one of ten Japanese American relocation centers where over 10,000 out of 120,000 Japanese Americans were placed shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II.  There we will see and learn how fear and discrimination wrongly affected the life of Japanese Americans as they were torn from their communities and forced to live in cramped, makeshift barracks.  We will get to walk the grounds, see where and how the people lived, and get a first hand feel of what life was like in Manzanar.

            Here are some important details about the trip thus far.  More details will be told as the trip approaches:

  • We will be meeting at 8:00 am sharp on Monday morning at the school.  We will pack the vehicles and be on our way to Manzanar.  Please make sure your child eats a good-sized breakfast, as we will not be stopping to eat until lunch around noon.
  • Students are allowed to pack one overnight bag and not allowed to bring electronics, such as I-pods, hand held video games, and personal DVD players.
  • Each child will need to bring $15 to $20 for food for two meals (fast food lunches) and snacks.  .
  • We will be returning between 4 pm to 5 pm Tuesday, October 30th.   We will have students call their parents when we are close to home.
  • All parents are welcomed to come on the trip, but will need to pay $75 to help cover the cost of the motel, gas, and Monday night’s dinner.  The student’s cost can be covered by fundraising.
  • We are in need of at least 3 parents who are willing to drive and take students with their own vehicles.  They will be given $15 per person to help with the cost of gas.
  • We will be staying at the Best Western, Lone Pine located a couple miles south of Manzanar.

Car Wash This Saturday!

DRCS 6th & 7th Grade Fundraiser

Car Wash

At Highland Tires

This Saturday, October 6th

8:30am to 1:30pm

Cost $10

Presale Tickets Available

Buy them at the School Office

Highland Tires is located at

2536 Highland Avenue on Highland and Arden

 Next to Two Guys Pizza and Across from IHOP

Parents & Students,

Please continue to sell tickets

& don’t forget to sign up to help

Sign ups by the sixth grade stairwell!