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Dollar Project


Don’t forget over break to use the dollar you were given to do something powerful with it.  I know one dollar doesn’t seem like much, but like buying thank you notes, it is what you do in thinking about others that matters.  Money can be a tool, if used well, to build relationships.  Challenge yourself, think hard, and do something powerful.

The Assignment:

Take this dollar, it is now yours, and use it in a powerful way.

This dollar is yours.  It now belongs to you.  If you lose it you must replace it.

You must come up with a positive and powerful way to use your dollar.  Think hard

You cannot use your dollar till after Thursday, December 20th.

How you will be graded:

Only three kinds of grades will be given, A, C, or F.

An “A” grade will be awarded for a powerful idea, something that causes a change in a life or lives.

An “C” grade will be given for an ordinary idea – giving money to charity

An “F” will be given if you lose the dollar and don’t replace with your own

or do nothing with it.

You must have proof of how it was used.  (Receipt, note from parent, etc.)


To be accomplished by Wednesday, January 9th


Flapjack (Pancake Breakfast) Fundraiser at Applebee’s

Pancakes  This Saturday, December 8th

8am to 10am

All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast!

Cost $10

Served up by the DRCS Staff

Get the energy you need before you do your Christmas shopping.

Applebee’s is located at 4070 Higland Blvd in Highland inside the Wal-Mart shopping center.

All proceeds support our 6th & 7th grade.

If you are a student, sell as many tickets as possible.