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Upcoming Field Trips

Redlands Church

6th Grade Class Field Trip to

Harvest Christian Fellowship Church Service

Sunday Night, February 24, 2013 – 4pm to 8:30pm

 & Two Local, Historical Churches

Monday, February 25, 2013 – 9am to 2:30pm

Hello Parents,

We are currently studying the “Power of the Church” and the impact it has made throughout history through the lives of the many who have served in it, but have also served others because of it.  We will look at ideas that changed history from Clara Barton and the Red Cross, Gutenberg and the printing press, and Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, to name a few.                                                                                      

To do this, we also want to take them to experience a service at a large church started by one of our times most influential evangelist, Greg Laurie.  Harvest Christian Fellowship is located in Riverside and we will be attending a 5pm service.  We know a Sunday night is not a usual time for a field trip, but the opportunity for our students to be in a service, in a large church, together, and sitting down for pizza afterward discussing what we experience, will be eye opening.     

Monday morning we will head out to visit and tour one of the oldest, if not the oldest church (150 years), in San Bernardino, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.  We will then head to lunch at In-N-Out before heading to our next stop the historical First Congregational Church of Redlands.  Besides both churches being old and historical, they are beautifully decorated with stunning stain glass murals and old pipe organs.  Here we want the students to see not just how a church functions, but the beauty they posses through sight and sound to honor God.  Old ideas that are still powerful today. 

Details for Sunday Night’s Trip:

  • We will be meeting at 4pm to head out to Harvest for service at 5pm.  Please dress respectfully.
  • After service we will head to Jersey’s Pizza in San Bernardino (40th & Kendall) for pizza.  Cost $5 
  • We will return back to DRCS by 8:30pm

Details for Monday’s Trip:

  • We will be meeting at 9am in the morning to visit the historical churches.
  • We will stop for lunch at In-N-Out in-between visits for lunch.  Student need to bring money for lunch.    
  • We will return back to DRCS by 3pm.

Thank You,

Mr. Thompson

Luv Pops Fundraiser!

Luv PopsLuv Pops fundraiser starts this week.

Cost $0.75 to send an encouragement & a treat to students in the school!

All funds raised goes toward our sixth grade week long trip.

Fundraiser Ends Friday, February 15th

Parents, help is needed to fill orders, stating Friday, February 8th.