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6th Grade Class Field Trip Reminder

Disneyland, California

Y.E.S. Program on Leadership

Walts Plan

Thursday, October 3rd

8:00 am to 4 pm          Cost $25 – Bring a lunch.


Thursday is our trip to experience a unique tour of Disneyland and learn how Walt Disney made his dream a reality.  I wanted to remind you of a couple of things your child will need for the trip.

  • A sack lunch w/snack
  • A backpack or bag to easily carry ones lunch
  • Wearing a DRCS shirt would be greatly helpful
  • Good walking shoes
  • Please eat a good breakfast
  • Please arrive by 7:45am so we can leave on time.

If you have any questions or if you could please drive give Pastor Todd a call:  (951) 217-8956

Car Wash Reminder

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

car wash

Car Wash Reminder

This Saturday, October 5th       

From 8 am to 1 pm

@ Highland Tires on Arden & Highland

Hello Students and Parents,

This is the last week to sell tickets!  Students ask teachers and staff, go around the neighborhood, sell them at you church, and make sure you tell them it is for your education.  Tell them what you are going to be doing.

We still need more sign ups.

The sign-ups are by the 7th grade class hallway door.

We really need workers for the later shift from 11am to 1pm.

A huge “THANK YOU” to those who have already signed up!

Don’t forget to sell your presale tickets

& turn in the money & remaining tickets this Friday, October 4th or Saturday at the car wash!

Needs for Saturday

Please bring:

–         Buckets

–         Towels or those nice Shamies

–         Hoses – We need up to 3 total.

–         Rags

–         Window Wipers

–         Step Stools

–         And any other car washing equipment

If you are working a late shift, please drop your supplies off at 8 am or Friday at the school.

Homework #6 – Power of Prayer

Watch these two video’s that are encouraging students to pray this week in their schools.

SYATP (See You At The Pole) is a movement to encourage and increase prayer among believers in schools across America, and the world, and it is happening this week.

What is the idea behind prayer and how is it powerful?

How can you and your friends, praying together this week for our school, city, and country be powerful?

Our First Field Trip

                   Disneyland, California

              Main Street Castle

             Y.E.S. Program on Leadership

                         Thursday, October 3rd

                                    7:45 am to 4:30pm

                            Cost $25 – Bring a sack lunch.

Our first all class field trip is less than two weeks away.

We are studying the life and work of Walt Disney and his ideas impact in our world.  We have talked about how he always thought big and in different ways to catch the imaginations of many.  We have already talked about how time and time again he was willing to take risks to accomplish his dreams.  We will continue to talk about the power of good story telling and hard work.  Walt Disney has impacted our culture in many ways and his inspiration to dream continues to ignite people around the world.

We are taking the class on a guided tour about how Walt Disney made his dream a reality through teamwork and leadership.  We will also get to explore three attractions and learn how they were designed and created.  We all know our kids have dreams, and some with dreams that could really make a difference in this world.  Our desire for this month and this trip is that they can gleam from Walt Disney’s life and leadership.

I do have some bad news though.  Because of the nature of the tour we are only allowed to take three teacher/chaperones on the tour.  Pastor Steve, Mrs. Barr, and I will take those slots.  We are still in need of drivers and if you have a pass you can enjoy the park while we are on tour.  If you are willing to drive and hang out in Downtown Disney while we are on the tour that would be much appreciated.  If you have questions please let me know.

Students will need to bring a backpack, sack lunch, water bottle and a light snack as our tour will be from 10:30am to 1:30pm.  We will have some time to snack during our tour.

Homework #4 Treasure!

Book treasure “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island and the bottom of the Spanish Main… and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.”  – Walt Disney

What is the idea behind this quote and how is it powerful?

What is your favorite book that you “Treasure”?

9/11 A Day Many Will Never Forget

One powerful idea caused much hurt pain through hatred,

but through it all we stood united as a nation.

At the same time prayer is still needed to those who have been affected the most.

This video helped me to realize the hurt that is still greatly felt by many.

First Homework Assignment!

The attached stop action video was created
by Joey Rucker days before school started.
Watch it and then comment to the question below.

Pretty creative video. Now onto the question. Since we are created by God in His image, we like Joey and Walt Disney we have ideas and the ability to create. This is a gift we are given by God. What do you think is God’s powerful idea (reason) in giving us the gift to create?

Students, write your name at the end of your comment.  Thanks!

Welcome Back!!!

Hello Parents & Students,

It is great seeing everyone back after a long summer. I am looking forward to this year in getting to know you and sharing in the adventures God has for us. As you have already heard me express last Thursday night, this history class is not a cookie cutter, from the book, class. It is instead intended for students to become well rounded thinkers, with the ability to see the ideas behind advertisements, movies, speeches, conversations, wars, and even amusement parks. We want to be able to recognize where an idea came from and were it might lead. There is power in ideas, to change people, relationships, places, and the whole world around us for either the benefit of others or for their demise. We want to encourage students to see the harm and the good ideas can have. We do this by taking in historical figures and events that are riveted by horrendous or excellent thinking.

As we start and end each months theme I will post what we are learning.

As for now, here is an overview of the year.

DRCS’s Sixth Grade 2013-2014
Field Trips & Fundraisers

September – Power to Imagine – Disneyland Tour – 8am to 3pm
Cost $40 (Estimation)

Monday, September 16th – Mandatory Fundraiser Meeting – 7pm Auditorium

Fundraiser – Car Wash – Saturday, September 28th

October – Power of Fear/Hate
Overnight Trip to Manzanar Japanese Relocation Center
Cost $75 plus money for two meals

Friday, October 25th – Harvest Carnival Raffle Fundraiser

November –Power of Education -BIOlA University
8am to 4m -Cost $10 includes lunch

Fundraiser for November -Peel Off Card & Candle Fundraiser

December – Power of Money – L.A. Rescue Mission
Cost $8 includes lunch

December Fundraiser -Candle Sales & Peel Off Cards

January – Power of Speech – Nixon Library
Cost $10 includes lunch / $15 for parents

February -Power of the Church – Visiting Historical Churches
Cost $10 money for lunch

March – Power of Prejudice – Overnight Trip
Holocaust Museum & Museum of Tolerance
Cost $75 plus money for 2 meals

April – Power of Leadership – Reagan Library & Air Force One Discovery
Cost $10 includes lunch / $18 for parents

Sunday, May 18th – Friday, May 23rd
Yosemite, Sacramento, San Francisco & San Simeon Week Long Trip
Trip Cost $450 plus $75 for 7 meals

Wednesday, June 11th – Sixth Grade Graduation 7pm