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A Couple Pictures From Our L.A. Field Trip

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Click over to Pastor Steve’s Principal’s Page and Mrs. Barr’s to see more pictures and video.

Parent Mtg. & Field Trip Reminder

           Don’t Forget the Mandatory Parent Mtg. Tonight at 7pm

&  DRCS 6th Grade Class  REMINDER!

Power of Money Field Trip to Los Angeles & Union Rescue Mission

LA High Rises

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 – 9am to 8:30pm

Cost $10 – Covers Lunch & Dinner


Hello Parents & Students,

A couple reminders for tomorrow’s trip:

  • We are leaving at 9am, but students need to be in class by 8:30am
  • Make sure to wear a good pair of shoes to walk in.
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • If at all possible wear your DRCS Sweatshirts or T-shirts.
  • You will want to bring a morning and afternoon snack that you can carry with you throughout the day.   Lunch and dinner are provided.

Thank you!

Dollar Project



Dollar Project – Del Rosa Christian Schools 6th Grade

This month we have been looking at the “Power of Money” and the change it can bring.  We have talked at length about greed and the destructive path it can lead when we are controlled by the love of money and what it can profit us.  We have looked at how we live in a want over need society and how that opposes how Jesus calls us to live.

Now we are entering into how to use money in a powerful way to make a positive influence and change in the lives of others.  That is where this project comes in.  Each student has been given a dollar, a small measly dollar, and is asked to do something powerful with it to make a difference.  It is meant to stretch how they see a dollar from just buying candy or upsizing their meal to how it can change a life, even if it is just for a day.  Parents, feel free to help, but please let them struggle and grow through this.  The assignment is as follows:

The Assignment: 

Take this dollar, it is now yours, and use it in a powerful way.

This dollar is yours.  It now belongs to you.  If you lose it you must replace it.

You must come up with a positive and powerful way to use your dollar.  Think hard

You cannot use your dollar till after Tuesday, December 17th

How you will be graded:

Only three kinds of grades will be given, A, C, or F.

An “A” grade will be awarded for a powerful idea, something that causes a change in a life or lives.

A “C” grade will be given for an ordinary idea – giving money to charity

A “F” will be given if you lose the dollar and don’t replace with your own and/or do nothing with it.

You must have proof of how it was used.  (Receipt, note from parent, etc.)

You must have the Dollar Project completed by, Thursday, January 9th.

Help! Jackets & Blankets Needed!!!


Homework #17 – Be the Change!

The video below is about a 15 year old teenager who at age 12 saw a need in our world and decided to do something about it.

Take a couple minutes to watch the video.

What was his powerful idea?

How did he/Zach see money?

What ideas do you have?

Homework #16 – The “American Dream”

Watch the music video below and really listen to the words of the song.

This song and video paint a picture of how many might see the “American Dream” as a desire for money.

Can money really bring you true lasting happiness?  What do you think?

What do you think of the statement in the song “I want to live and die for bigger things” mean?