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Nixon Field Trip Pictures

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It was a great day yesterday learning about our 37th President!

Thank you to all the parents who drove on the trip.

Nixon Library Field Trip Info


Sixth Grade Field Trip

To the Richard Nixon Library

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some important details about the trip:

We will be studying the power of a speech through President Nixon’s address to the Nation on the war in Vietnam.  Are goal is for students to see the power a speech can make in moving others to believe and do what is needed.  At the museum we will discover a broader view of Nixon’s influence as our 37th President.

We will be meeting at the school at 8am and leave as soon as possible for the Library.  We should arrive back around 2:30pm.  Your student may be picked up at the regular time.

We will be eating at Lamppost Pizza for lunch, this will include all you can eat pizza and drinks.

I am asking each student to wear his or her DRCS T-shirt or sweatshirt.  If you do not own a DRCS T-shirt please dress respectfully.

Each student will need to bring $10 for lunch and to cover the cost of the trip.

Each adult attending will also need to bring $10 for lunch and the cost of the trip.

Drivers are needed, so please let us know if you are interested.

Thank You,

Mr. Thompson

Book Review #2 – The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963

Front Cover“The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963” by Christopher Paul Curtis sheds light on the Civil Rights Movement from a 10 year-old kids perspective.  This fictional but life like family is full of comical personalities and quirks.  They decide to take a first time family trip from Michigan to the Alabama to visit grandma, only to discover a whole other world.  It is amazing how powerful and different ideas can be on the value of another only miles away.

I highly recommend this book to introduce a young 5th, 6th, or 7th grader to the truth of what happened in the South during the 60’s.  Curtis writes in a way that keeps you turning pages, but also catches you off guard with the truth of America’s history.  Great read for this weekend as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


Book Review #1 “The Lemonade War”

Lemonade War

Growing up I remember all the schemes my sisters and I had to make a dollar or two for something we wanted.  Yard Sales, knocking on neighbor’s doors for our cleaning business and yes even a Kool-Aid booth.  Dreams of grandeur!

In this book Even Treski has the same dream and when his sister wants to tag along and help out with his Lemonade business he shuts her out.  Determined she can prove her worth she starts her own Lemonade stand and the war is on.

This book is filled with humor and business strategy, but is really about a relationship that between a brother and sister that is almost done in by the desire of money.  Money does a funny thing in our relationships and this story points that out with an interesting twist.  Enjoy!

It is a quick and enjoyable read.  My son and I have been reading the whole 4 book series this past year.

Homework #19 How would You Give?

World Vision Gift IdeasIf you were given a good amount of money to make a difference in the world around you, what would do?  Check out to give you some ideas.

Answer what would you really want to do and why?  How would it be powerful?  Is there a way to come up with the money to do it?   

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

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     Below are two student’s, by Summer and T.J., news reports about our last field trip to Downtown Los Angeles and the Union Rescue Mission.

A Learning Experience

By Summer Tuffin

     What I expected yesterday was  a couple of homeless people here and there, but when I got there I was surprised!  I didn’t think there was going to be that many homeless people there.  I knew that I was going to play with all the kids and I had fun doing it too.  We went to dinner with the kids also.

The first thing we did was went and saw all the banks.  We asked them three questions:  How much money they made in one day?  What is the main reason banks exist?, and What goals does this bank have?  They gave us a whole bunch of answers as we went to all kinds of banks that day.

Then we went to a couple of hotels and we also asked them three questions too.  They were:  How many rooms does it have here?  What does an average room cost? and Has anybody famous stayed here?

Then we went and got lunch at Grand Central Market.  We were only given eight dollars and there were four people in one group.  It was kind of scary because we didn’t know if we could do it or not, but we did!  My group did really well.  We didn’t fight or argue.  We all worked together.

Then we went to the homeless shelter down by Skid Row and it was scary seeing all those people that were sleeping on the sidewalks.  I felt bad for them because they are still just people and just need a push in life.  Then we went inside and a guy was talking to us.  He was a recovering alcoholic and use to be homeless.  He found the shelter and they helped him.  He is working now at he homeless shelter which is pretty cool.

After that we went and played with the kids and it made me happy that they were happy and having fun.  All the kids had big smiles on their faces and I loved to see that.  After that we went and had dinner and the food was really good.  We let all the kids we played with get their food first and that made them happy.  Then after all that we got in the cars to go back to the school.

I loved the field trip.  It really taught me a lot and I hope that other people will go out there and make a difference.

People in the Streets

by T.J. Trott

     I was able to see the side of the people that live in the streets.  There are millions of people that are homeless.  I got to feel what it was like to eat with only a few dollars.  Three friends and I had eight dollars to feed ourselves.  It was hard.  We didn’t eat what we wanted, we only ate what we could.  Imagine yourself eating a two dollar meal every day.  Well many people are having two dollar meals or less.

     People are spending money on stuff they don’t need, when they could give that money to someone and maybe get them our of homelessness.  I walked around L.A. and saw so many things that you could live without, but people still buy them.  We waste money on theses things.  I also went to U.S. Bank.  It was a big bank that made a lot of money.  It exchanged twenty-thousand dollars a day.  Five years ago they exchanged sixty-thousand dollars a day.  I also went to a hotel and the room for one night was a hundred to six hundred dollars.  Think how much food you could buy for the poor with that kind of money.

     Later I was able to see the Union Rescue Mission.  It is the only mission that takes families and teenagers.  It has many programs to help people with their addictions and many other problems.  The mission provides beds, clothes, hygiene, meals and some other necessary stuff.  I was able to have a tour of the mission and it was great.  They have gyms, places to hang out, a smoking room, and a meeting room for a church and other meetings.  Their philosophy is “The Way Home.” They try to get them a home and a job.

     Next time you see something you want think of how many lives you could change instead.  Think about that.


To learn more about the URM at

Thank you to all the parents who drove on the trip.