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Welcome Back!!!

Hello Parents & Students,

It is great seeing everyone back after a long summer. I am looking forward to this year in getting to know you and sharing in the adventures God has for us. As you have already heard expressed on Thursday night, this history class is not a cookie cutter, from the book, class. It is instead intended for students to become well rounded thinkers, with the ability to see the ideas behind advertisements, movies, speeches, conversations, wars, and even amusement parks. We want to be able to recognize where an idea came from and were it might lead. There is power in ideas, to change people, relationships, places, and the whole world around us for either the benefit of others or for their demise. We want to encourage students to see the harm and the good ideas can have. We do this by taking in historical figures and events that are riveted by horrendous or excellent thinking.

As we start and end each months theme I will post what we are learning.

As for now, here is an overview of the year.

Del Rosa Christian School’s

Sixth Grade 2014-2015

Power of Ideas Field Trips & Fundraisers

Overnight trips cost can be covered through fundraising

Tuesday, September 9th –Fundraiser Meeting – 7pm

Thursday, September 25th – Power of Imagination & Creativity – Disneyland Tour

8am to 4pm -Cost $35 (Bring a sack lunch)

Fundraiser – Car Wash – Saturday, September 20th -at Highland Tires – 8am to 1pm

Friday, October 24th – Harvest Carnival Raffle Fundraiser

Monday, October 27th – Tuesday, October 28th – Power of Fear/Hate

Overnight Trip to Manzanar:  Japanese Relocation Center

Cost $50 for students $75 for adults – plus money for two meals

Monday, November 17th (Date not confirmed) –Power of Education -BIOlA University

8am to 4m -Cost $10 includes lunch

November –Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast – Saturday the 22nd – 7:30 to 10am

December – Power of Money Field Trip to the Union Rescue Mission & Downtown L.A.

December Fundraiser  -Candle Sales

Monday January 26th – Power of Speech – Nixon Library

8am to 3pm Cost $10 includes lunch / $15 for parents

Thursday, February 19th (Date not confirmed) -Power of the Church – Visiting Historical Churches

8am to 5pm – Cost $5, plus money for lunch

Thursday, March 19th & 20th – Power of Prejudice – Overnight Trip

Holocaust Museum & Museum of Tolerance

Cost $50 for students $75 for adults plus money for 2 meals

Thursday, April 23rd – Power of Leadership – Reagan Library & Air Force One Discovery

Time 7am to 5pm         Cost $10 / $18 for parents

Monday, May 11th – Saturday, May 16th  

Yosemite, Sacramento, San Francisco & San Simeon Week Long Trip

Trip Cost $500 plus $75 for 7 meals

Wednesday, June 10th – Sixth Grade Graduation 7pm