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Disneyland Y.E.S. Program Field Trip

Here are some pictures from our last trip

& thank you to the parents who drove!

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First Field Class Field Trip

Disneyland, California


 Y.E.S. Program on Leadership

 Thursday, September 25th

7:45 am to 4:30pm

Cost $30 – Bring a sack lunch.


Hello Parent(s),

Our first all class field trip is one week away.

We are studying the life and work of Walt Disney. We have talked about how he always thought big and in different ways to catch the imaginations of many.  How he, time and time again, was willing to take risks to accomplish his dreams.  We will continue to look at the power of good story telling and hard work that he possessed.  Walt Disney has impacted our culture in many ways and his inspiration to dream continues to ignite people around the world.

We are taking the class on a guided tour about how Walt Disney made his dream a reality through teamwork and leadership. We will also get to explore three attractions and learn how they were designed and created.  We all know our kids have dreams, and some with dreams that could really make a difference in this world.  Our desire for this month and this trip is that they can gleam from Walt Disney’s life and leadership.

I do have some bad news though. Because of the nature of the tour we are only allowed to take three teacher/chaperones on the tour.  Pastor Steve, Mrs. Barr, and I will take those slots.  We are still in need of drivers though and if you have a pass you can enjoy the park while we are on our tour.  If you are willing to drive and hang out in Downtown Disney while we are on the tour that would be much appreciated.  If you have questions please let me know.

Students will need to bring a backpack, sack lunch, water bottle and a light snack as our tour will be from 10:00am to 1:30pm. We will have some time to snack during our tour.

Everyone needs to fill out the field trip form and turn it in by Friday, September 19th.

Again, we are in need of at least four drivers for this field trip.

If you can drive, please fill out the  permission slip.

Thank you,

Pastor Todd

(951) 217-8956



Fishing Trip This Saturday

Fishing 2014