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Manzanar Trip 2014 Pictures

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Homework #5 Where Would You Go?

Manzanar Bus

Where Would You Go? 

When the relocation centers were closed at the end of World War II, the WRA provided inhabitants who had less than $500 a small sum of money ($25), train fare, and meals on the way home. Many inhabitants, however, had nowhere to go. In the end, some had to be evicted because they had not left the camps.

You and your family have been internees at Manzanar for the past three years.  You have hear the war is over and you are free to go.  You have been given and envelope with $25 inside and a train tickets for your whole family.

Where would you go?

How hard would it be to find a job and provide for your family?

What choice do you have?

Answer all three questions.

Homework #4 – Raffle Help!!!

Admission Tickets

6th Grade Raffle Homework

I know this is untraditional homework,

but we need our raffle to be a success. 

For tomorrow,

Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper to hand in!

Question One:  Are you planning to be a part of the raffle?

Question Two:  If so, what are you planning to get donated?

Question Three:

Are you going or have already got tickets from the office to sell to friends, family, church family and neighbors?

Raffle tickets are $1 and people do not have to be present to win.

Do not respond online

– write your answers on a separate sheet to turn in! 

6th Grade Raffle NEEDS Your Help!

Harvest Carnival Raffle Reminder

Pre-Sale Raffle Ticket Opportunity

        Pre-sell raffle tickets to neighbors, coworkers, people at your church, or anybody outside the school and earn $.50 per every ticket you sell.  Tickets are a $1 each and you do not have to be present to win.  Pick up tickets to sell from the front office.  Whatever you don’t sell, turn into the office the day before the Carnival. 

We Need More Gifts Donated!!!

Gifts Donated in the Past 

-Restaurant Gift Cards                     -Movie Theatre Gift Cards

-Grocery Store Gift Cards                 -Starbucks Gift Cards

-Target / Wal-Mart Gift Cards           -I-Pods and Video Games

-Barnes & Noble Gift Cards               -Smoothie Makers

-Candle Sets                                      -Salon Products

-Tool Baskets                                    -Stationary Sets

-Gift Baskets                                     -Bikes


We ask that donated items have a minimum value of $10.00 and must be new!

If you do not donate a gift or get a gift donated,

no funds will be distributed to your child’s account except tickets you sell.

**Keep in mind, if you purchase a Scrip gift card at the front office,

It will not only benefit the raffle, it will help your required Scrip balance go DOWN!!

All items can be dropped off at the front office,

Just let Mary know that it is for the Harvest Carnival Raffle.


If you have any questions or need more donation letters,

feel free to contact the front office @ 909-882-3004!

Manzanar Overnight Field Trip!

DRCS 6th Grade Class

Manzanar Overnight Field Trip


Monday, October 27th – Tuesday, October 28th


Hello Parent(s)

In three weeks we will be taking our first overnight field trip to the Owens Valley to tour and experience Manzanar.  Manzanar was one of ten Japanese American relocation centers where over 10,000 out of 120,000 Japanese Americans were placed shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II.  There we will see and learn how fear and discrimination wrongly affected the life of Japanese Americans as they were torn from their communities and forced to live in cramped, makeshift barracks.  We will get to walk the grounds, see where and how the people lived, and get a firsthand feel of what life was like in Manzanar.

Here are some important details about the trip thus far.  More details will be told as the trip approaches:

  • We will be meeting at 8:00 am sharp on Monday morning at the school. We will pack the vehicles and be on our way to Manzanar. Please make sure your child eats a good-sized breakfast, as we will not be stopping to eat until lunch around noon.
  • Students are allowed to pack one overnight bag and not allowed to bring electronics, such as I-pods, I-pads, hand held video games, and personal DVD players.
  • Each child will need to bring $15 to $20 for food for two meals (fast food lunches) and snacks. .
  • We will be returning between 4 pm to 5 pm Tuesday, October 28th.   We will have students call their parents when we are close to home.
  • All parents are welcomed to come on the trip, but will need to pay $75 to cover the cost of the motel, gas, and Monday night’s dinner. The student’s cost of $50 can be covered by fundraising.
  • We are in need of at least 3 parents who are willing to drive and take students with their own vehicles. They will be given $10 per person to help with the cost of gas.
  • We will be staying at the Best Western, Lone Pine located a couple miles south of Manzanar.
  • Please return the permission slip form, signed, as soon as possible. Also, if you have any special needs or questions, please let Mrs. Barr or myself know.

Thank You,

Mr. Thompson