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Homwork #12 – Is This True?

Money Controls Your Life

Your homework today is to read what is written on the dollar and answer these questions:

Is this true of people in America?   Is this true in your life?  Be honest, maybe it doesn’t control your “entire” life, but does it control any part of it?  Does it affect how you make decisions?

What do you think?

December 2016 Field Trip

San Bernardino City Mission &

Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga  


Monday, December 12th

8:30 am to 3 pm

  Cost $5 – Includes lunch.

Hello Parents & Students,

Our next class field trip is just around the corner.

This month we are studying the power of money and the ideas in which we can use money in powerful, life-changing ways.  Our next field trip is to give us two distinctly different experiences in two distinctly different venues.

First we will be going to the San Bernardino City Mission Distribution Center to learn about the needs of those with no money.  We will see what takes place in our city to help those who are in need.  While there we will also be taking part in a service project to help make a positive difference in the city in which we live.

Second we will be going to Victoria Gardens, the Inland Empire’s most extravagant shopping center.  Here we will see the flip side of those who don’t have money, to those who can spend money.  Although shopping, gift giving, and eating out aren’t bad in of themselves, they are often not the best use of our funds.  In visiting two very different places we will be able to see how money and its power can be used or abused.

No extra money is allowed to be spent on this trip.  We will not be shopping but exploring and revealing the power of money. 

We are in need of at least four drivers for this field trip. The cost for parents is free and students is $5 and includes lunch for the students only at Victoria Gardens in a unique way.

Please fill out the form sent home and return it by Wednesday, December 7th


Mr. Thompson

Homework #11 – History of Veterans Day

Please watch these two videos and respond below.

Why is Veterans Day a Powerful Idea?  I mean, is it just a day off?

How should it be celebrated?

BIOLA Field Trip

Biola Bell Tower

BIOLA University Field Trip

La Mirada, California

Tuesday, November 15th – 7:00am to 3:00pm

            In two weeks we will be taking our next field trip to BIOLA University (Bible Institute of Los Angeles).  Our goal for this trip is to deeply instill a desire for learning in your child’s life.  Through a school tour, hearing from current college students, and visiting the prestigious Torrey Honors Institute, our students will get a good taste of how education can provide you with many opportunities.  More importantly how continuing to challenge one’s mind and heart greatly enables us to be shaped into what Christ created us to be. We want and desire the 6th grade class to see the value of becoming life learners as well as knowing the steps needed to take for higher education.

Here are some important details about the trip.

  • We will be meeting in the classroom at 7:00am. Students please wear your DRCS shirts or attire.
  • We will be returning around 4:00pm depending on traffic.
  • Each child and adult will need to pay $6 for lunch in the University’s cafeteria.
  • We are in need of at least 3 parents who are willing to drive and take students with their own vehicles.

Homework #10 Wise Words

 “The Power of Education”

Wise Words

Here are some quotes about the power and value of learning.

Read each quote and pick one to comment on.

Tell why you agree or disagree with the saying,

or why you think the saying is powerful.

“Anyone who stops learning is old,

whether at twenty or eighty.”  ~Henry Ford

“You learn something every day if you pay attention.” 

~Ray LeBlond

“I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today

than he was yesterday.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

“Learning is like rowing upstream: 

not to advance is to drop back.”  ~Chinese Proverb

“Always walk through life as if you have something

new to learn and you will.”  ~Vernon Howard