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Homework #22 – A Father’s Way

Watch at least the first three minutes or so of the clip about Otto Franks life.

What was meant by the statement, “His life after the war was Anne.  All the rest was secondary.”?

Otto Frank was seen reading Anne’s diary, “I want to go on living after death…”, how did Otto Frank honor that wish?  How important was that for him, her, and others who lost loved ones?


Homework #21 – We’ll Be People Again…

Read Anne’s quote from her diary and answer the questions below.

Anne Not Just Jews

Should anyone ever have to feel this way?

Can you relate to it?

How does something like this start?

Homework # 20 Fears & Comforts

Now that you have started reading “The Diary of Anne Frank”, what do you think her greatest fears or frustrations are in living in the Annex?

Anne Frank House

What do you think are her greatest comforts and why?


Holocaust Field Trip

 The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

& Anne Frank Exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance

Friday, March 3, 2017

7 am to 6 pm

Cost: $20 plus a sack lunch


Hello Parents,

Our day trip to Los Angeles to learn more about the Holocaust is just four weeks away.  The student will be learning about the Holocaust through the ready of “The Diary of Anne Frank”.  During WWII over six million Jews were killed in an attempted genocide because of their race by Nazi Germany.  To view this tragedy through the writings of a teenage girl who lived during it and died is eye opening.  At the Museum and exhibit we will be given an even greater understanding of what took place because of hate and abused power.  We will also be hearing from a Holocaust Survivor.

Here are the details about the trip:

  • We will be meeting at 7am sharp on that Friday morning at the school. We will be leaving shortly after to the L.A. Museum of the Holocaust.  There we will take a docent lead tour around the museum and end with a testimony from a Holocaust Survivor.  A sack lunch will be needed.
  • For lunch we will have a picnic at the adjacent park next the museum. Please make sure to pack a lunch, no restaurants are easily located near-by.
  • After lunch, we will head over to the Museum of Tolerance to view the Anne Frank exhibit.
  • Please return the  permission slip form by Friday, February 24th. Money for the trip can be turned in to the office anytime between now and March 2nd.
  • Parents are very much encouraged to come and are needed to drive on this trip.

Thank You!