Homework #21 – We’ll Be People Again…

Read Anne’s quote from her diary and answer the questions below.

Anne Not Just Jews

Should anyone ever have to feel this way?

Can you relate to it?

How does something like this start?

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  1. TheChickenWhoCried

    No, we shouldn’t feel like that but unfortunately us humans have these feelings and thoughts. In a way yes because sometimes people say words or do actions that kinda make feel like I’m not really a human being if that makes since. This can all start by words and actions and that’s all you need. -Faith

  2. No I don’t think anyone should have to live through this and have to live through a tragedy
    I don’t think I could relate just because of how sad this was
    It starts by hatred and because someone want a race dead

  3. She should never feel this way she feels not even apart Germany she has to stay behind a bookshelf in the attic this is some things so sad just go through yet she is saying it better than I would I mean besides all the name calling in judging😂😂
    but you know staying up better than I would

  4. This can totally relate two bullies in public schools or even just bullies in general and how people want to stand tall but it’s hard because everyone wants to knock them right back down it could be with peoples fist or even with their words all she wants is everyone to be United and feel safe being where she’s at she really doesn’t feel safe that’s the bad thing is your supposed to feel safe in your own Homeland…. PS sorry for the bad wording😂😂

  5. No,yes because every body just needs to stop fighting which will never could happen. This happens because when people teach other people to hate that race

  6. Although, @ the same time I can’t relate to what she went through because I have never gone through the situation she was in.

  7. Nobody should have to feel this way. The feeling is like ur disconnected from earth and all the people on it. U feel like ur not a human being. I can relate to it when I’m discluded and treated like I’m unwanted in the ”group” I’m with. It really hurts when it seems as of though almost everyone’s against u and nobody will really stand up to the main person/group triggering the problem. This starts when someone or a group of people decide ur not like the rest of them. Then they want to disclude u and keep u away @ all cost. They try to show others that ur different in a ”bad way”.

  8. No, no one should have to feel like this. Yes, how Donald Trump is making mexican feel and look bad in front of the country. When a person has a dream and they make it a reality

  9. I think no one should feel this way. I can not relate to this because I am not under that kind of pressure. This starts when a nation teaches there young to hate another race

  10. Harry Potter (Kyler)

    1:No it should not be a human thought.
    2:NoI can’t relate to the situation she is in.
    3:It starts with a reason to blame someone,then it escalates.

  11. 1.)No one ever should
    2.)no because I have never went trough things like her
    3.)this starts when we do something bad and blame in on people more powerful than you

  12. 1.)no, no one should ever feel this way
    2.)I think sometimes that I feel like I relate but it never is as bad as what she went through
    3.)this start from hatred that is why we should even think bad things about anyone this is how some murders happen and bod takes hatred just as bad as murder

  13. Paula🖤'S Stranger Things

    1.) No one on this planet should ever have to feel this way.
    2.)I cannot say that I relate to this because if I did it would be a lie
    3.)It starts when hatred gets thrown your way

  14. no. no I can not because I don’t know what she is feeling.
    some people don’t like other people

  15. Evan is grateful that our Valentines day party is over😌

    1. No, because they shouldn’t ever be oppressed like this ever again. 2. Fortunately, I can’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for what happened to them. 3. It starts when something bad happens that was your fault. Then you start to blame people that either have more money or influence then you.

  16. Underscore 234534 (Jackson)

    1) no person living today should ever fell like this because this feeling for the Jews from Hitler is the most terrible thing that can happen. some people like Hitler have so much hatred to someone that he just took them out he was so mad. my point is that people should not feel this way ever.2)no i cant relate to this because i haven’t been threw that to the point were we have to be sent out of the country i’m and go to these consontration camps. i cant relate because i’v never been threw that expirence.
    3) this kind of hatred is not that natural any more but it starts when like Hitler and the Jews Hitler wanted only perfect people only in Germany and that is how it starts.

  17. Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog is awesome

    1. No because nobody should be treated like that. 2. No I cannot relate because this has not happened in my life. 3. This happens when people don’t like other people because they are misjudged.

  18. 1) Nobody should have to feel like that. 2) No I can’t relate to that.
    3) Something starts with hatred toward somebody and goes wrong like what the Jews had to go through.

  19. 1) No, no one should have to feel like that.
    2) no I cannot relate because I have never had to go through or experience anything like that.
    3) hatred like this starts when someone has so much hatred toward someone for doing something or maybe even not doing anything (like in the Jews case)so much to be able to do something so horrible .

  20. 1) no one should ever have feel like this

    2) no i can not relate to this. I have not felt like this

    3) something like this starts with hatred towards someone of something

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