Homework #22 – A Father’s Way

Watch at least the first three minutes or so of the clip about Otto Franks life.

What was meant by the statement, “His life after the war was Anne.  All the rest was secondary.”?

Otto Frank was seen reading Anne’s diary, “I want to go on living after death…”, how did Otto Frank honor that wish?  How important was that for him, her, and others who lost loved ones?


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  1. TheChickenWhoCried

    It meant that his life only set around Anna’s diary. which in her diary she had practically all her thoughts and feelings which kinda gives him this feeling that she’s still around, if that makes any sense. In a way what she said kinda sounded like a wish she wanted to be accomplished when she goes away, and also since Otto Frank did not see his daughter (since the were at different camps ) he wanted to fufill that wish any way possible and also think he did it for comfort.

  2. "Mouth breather"-Eleven/Millie (Paula)

    1, at the time her diary was his number one priority
    2,he did what Anne wanted and got her diary published
    3,this is important because of the way that the Germans treated the Jews it was horrible😔

  3. Séan Garnier (Gorang)

    1) the diary was the first thing to work on
    2) he honored that request by publishing his daughter diary
    3) it is important because most people forget about how badly people were treated because of their own religion so he published it so that they will never forge how badly the Jews were treated

  4. Brick hands (jackson)

    The diary was his name priority at the time.👍👍👍he like real honors in the way he will get the diary out😮😮this was important because how they were treated and how they were dis honored and .

  5. 1.) i think by that he means that he really was focused on getting the diary ready to be published and published and getting her name out there
    2.)he honored her wish because when people read her diary they feel like they know her and are talking to her
    3.)it was important because it shows how badly they were treated

  6. It was otto franks #1 priority to publish Anns diary not only because that is his one precious memory of her but because he wanted people to know how they were feeling in hiding because it wasn’t easy and also her feelings and her thoughts.🤔

  7. 1. They meant that the dairy was the first thing he wanted to work on. 2. He honerd that request by publishing the diary. 3. It was important because then the suffering of the Jews would not be forgotten.

  8. He published it because it was something he chariched because it was the only thing left in the family and he loved Ann
    And I think he wanted people to remember her and he just act like it never happened and he wanted people to recognize what hitller did was bad

  9. I think he meant that he wanted her diary to be known and her to be known as well.He honnered her by publishing her diary. It was very important.

  10. Evan is sayng that your shoes are untied

    1. He wanted to make Anne’s wish to came through. His children were his only joy. He wanted them to look down from heaven and know that they are loved. 2. He published her diary so that her story can live on in other peoples hearts and minds. It was very important because it reveals the horrible things the Nazi’s did to the Jews. It gives them hope that people will help them get back up on both feet.

  11. Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog is awesome

    1 It meant that he loved her the most.2 He published her dairy and shared it with the world to honor her life and the life of others that were lost.

  12. I think he honored this by publishing her diary, when he did this he let her memory live on. He didn’t want her memory to die or hedidn’t want her to be forgotten he wanted her to be known.
    It is important so that people can have a record ormemory of those who are lost and they’re not just swept under the rug and just forgotten about . I think that’s what the Germans wanted to happen but thanks to OttoFrank that didn’t happen and now their memories can live on.
    I am not quite sure what he meant by this but I think what he means is that you want to for fill and promise because that was the only promise you could fill because everyone else was gone and even though Anne was gone she left what she wanted to be done. I think Otto Frank wanted to do everything he could and I think that’s all he wanted to do before he died .

  13. I think he meant that his life was about Anne and his main ”goal” sort of in life was to make her diary known and to show her feelings/ how she felt about going into hiding. Also that his daughter and her diary came first, and he wanted it published before his death, in honor of her. When she said she wants to go on living after death, she meant that she wanted to be known and remembered, even if she’s not on earth, or living. He honored Anne and her wish when the book was published and was free to be read. It was important to him, her, and others who lost loved ones because of the holocost since it shows how a lot of people felt about being trapped or in hiding for that timespan. It was a way to remember the holocost in a different way than you’d just hear about it. You get to hear someone’s feelings about something they themselves went through, in great detail.

  14. 1) He means that everyone besides him had died so he wanted to get Anne’s diary so that people shouldn’t be treated like how the Jews were treated.
    2) He honored her by publishing the book and making her known to people. Also so they know what they were doing while this was going on.
    3) It’s important because it was what Anne wanted to do and that was what he had left of his family.

  15. 1) i think what they mean by this is that he cared about Anne and he wanted to make her diary known so that people can see it maybe even germans who agreed with hitler can see that they are people too

    2)He honored that wish by making her known to people so that she will be remembered. That she will “go on living after death”

    3)it is very important because people can be remebered and not forgotten

  16. He meant that because the diary is all that is left of his family. He honored it by publishing it. And it meant everything to him he had to do that before he died.

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