Homework #23 – Righteous Among the Nations

On our trip to the LAMOTH we learned about a couple of people who helped Jews escape Nazi controlled areas during WWII.  Below is a video of Sir Nicholas Winton who organized the Kinder Transports.  Watch and answer the following questions.

What is so special about what Sir Nicholas Winton did?  What was powerful?

Did he see race or act out of prejudice or did he see life and act out of love?

How can you be a like him?


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  1. 1) what was special is that he risked his life to save other lives and what is powerful is that he had a plan and sought it out and saved many lives and didn’t even think that people would learn about it and try to do something because of that

    2)he saw life and and acted out of love

    3) i can do it by being determined and i hope that later on in my life i could make a change in this world that greatly affects lives and that will inspire people to do the same

  2. Séan Garnier (Gorang)

    He saved people at his own expense
    And if he didn’t do it only a small amount would have survived
    He saw life and act out of love
    I can be like him and help people out and to not judge people if I don’t know a lot about them

  3. LukeySkywalker

    I speacial that he what he was able to do for 691kids and why he did it because he knew what Hitler was doing was wrong
    He did not care what racethey were he just wanted to make sure that those innocent kids did not die and he did not judge them for who they were
    We could do it by just caring for someone and helping them it might not be as big of a thing but it’s still something

  4. It’s so special because he saved so many people at his own cost. It is so powerful because without him only 100 of them would survive. He saw life and an act out of love. I can be like him by trying to make a friend with everyone and not judge them by how they look.

  5. Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog is awesome

    1 What was so special was that he saved the lives of kids. If he would of got captured he would of died.2 He loved children and he acted out love. 3 What i would do is too save over people’s life and kid’s life if I could. :(:(:(:(

  6. Flappjack 05 (Jackson)🎮🎮🎮🎮⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔💪💪💪💪💪🎿🚲🚲🌋

    He saved people from being tortured and thats pretty powrful he saved more than 600 kids.🙂🙂 anyone can do this you just have yourself out there.😭

  7. Kayla🎡🎢🎠🎪

    He is also powerful to easy one of those kids that are now adults in a different way depending on how they were treated after

  8. Kayla🎡🎢🎠🎪

    It’s special because if he didn’t help save these children that are now adults appt of people wouldn’t be here today. He saw life and a acted out of love because he knew those kids had petentiol to do something good. You can be like him in lots of way like helping someone with no money get a job or by helping someone in need these things aren’t just as good as what he did but will help you to remember to think of others before you self.

  9. we can be like him in so many ways … we do not need to be a billionaire to make a difference we just need courage. What he did was so powerful because he saved so many children knowing that his own life is at ricks. it is so powerful to see how he changed so many life’s !!!!!!!!

  10. Pollo is queen(Paula)

    1.What’s special is that he saved more than 600 kids. If he hadn’t saved them they would be dead 😦

    2. He saw life and acted out of love. He wasn’t worring about him-self, he was worried about the kids.

    3. One way I could be like him is that I could stop being so lazy in general. Like Winton, I could be more active.

  11. Neymar (Sage)

    1) He save kids from nearly dying
    it’s powerful cause he persuaded people to help others who are in need.
    2) He saw life and acted out of love.
    3) We can be like him by helping those in need or those who are hurt.

  12. he saved a lot of kids lives. he acted out of love and saw LIFE. HE SAW LIFE AND ACT OUT OF LOVE. WE CAN PASS OUT FOOD.

  13. He saved children from the gas chambers, and he did this even though it was a difficult mission. He also cared so much he made a scrap book of all of them. I think he did this out of heart because he didn’t even want to tell his wife. That shows he didn’t do it for praise, one of the righteous few.It was so powerful because it would be so much easier to just watch them die than to take have the courage to take charge. He saw life and did this totally and completely out of love , not for praise. He also didn’t care if he would be looked at differently because he helped them , because to him their lives were way more important than what he looked like to others.I can be like him and take charge when I see a need that needs to be filled and fulfill it. I should also see people with love and the good things they have done and not focus on the bad things they have done

  14. He saved kids from getting captured or even being in the war. He saw life and acted out of love. And we could be like him to not only do situations like he did we can help people who are in need just like the dollar project. And you don’t have to be a adult or have lots of money we could do it now,

  15. Evan is confident that DRCS will win both soccer games this week

    1. He gave Jewish children in Europe a chance to live, to not die in the awful concentration camps the Nazi’s set up. It is powerful because it inspires people from around the globe to help others in need or that are hurting.
    2. He saw life and acted out of love for what they were going to go through
    3 By doing what those children did in the video, helping others in need.

  16. He saved kids from almost dying. He saw lice and acted after love because he saw children so young and did an amazing thing for them. If were ever in a crisis like this we could do that or we could help children i doesn’t even have to be children it can be adults

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