Homework #24 – Courage

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Define courage.  How do you want to be courageous in life?

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  1. TheChickenWhoCried (Faith)

    Courageous- Doing something that scares you. Well since I’m a huge chicken with tons of stuff, I would want to go by this quote ” I’d rather regret the things I’ve done, then the things I havn’t done.” -Lucille Ball. Because I don’t want to die with thoughts wishing I could do this or that. Sometimes you have some courage with the things that are thrown at you in life. And you have a choice, You either not be to risky or take the risk. it all really depends on you I mean after all you only live once.

  2. I want to be courageous in a way that I’d do good when nobody’s watching, or even everyone’s watching and those eyes watching will set embarrassment to me. I want to be remembered for my courage and what I did with what I have. Not to be remembered as like “Lauren the Great” or something, but to be remembered for the good doings and courage I did and had.

  3. Courage is strength and bravery in the face of even a tiny bit of your own concequence or fear in anything… even if nobody is watching, and you know there’s no reward or victory for your actions of good, you still decide to do the right thing even if it puts you in the position of harm or embarrassment in any way. Usually it’s for someone else who can’t help themselves, because of their situation

  4. i......................v.....................y.......

    Courage is bravery. I feel its doing something you never thought you could do. even doing something people said you couldn’t do. that’s courage to me. Even standing up to a bully ! THAT IS COURAGE TO ME. Getting over your fear like Alexis said, that’s courage to me……. I searched up the definition and it says courage is strength to do something frightening

    • i......................v.....................y.......

      i want to be more courageous and brave even if no one notices because I want to do it for God

  5. I want to be courageous in alot of things but is hard becasuse i get nervous so i get uncomfortable.

  6. I want to be courages in my drama sometimes i get embarrassed. And mix up my work.

  7. Courage is something you do that is uncomfortable for you. I want to be courageous in dance and when I free style so that I let my body flow and not think about who’s watching, I also want to be courageous in making boundaries.

  8. Courage is something that doesn’t always come with a prize. Sometimes to be courageous you need to not think about what could happen but what you can get out of it. I want to be courageous in my life by making changes in other peoples lives even if its a small change.

  9. Harry Potter (Kyler)

    To me courage is not along for recognition when you do somthing important and/or facing your fears.
    I could be courageous by talking in front of people standing up for what I believe in.

  10. Courages jack💪💪💪

    Courage is not being afraid to get out the to be brave to do almost anything. Courage on my life would be from now and on I will step up and if they need help I will help them.

  11. Séan Garnier (Gorang)

    1.) courage is when you show a sign of bravery to make a change usually this happens when you are being oppressed or some one is doing something unjust.
    2.) I can be courageous by teaching other people about God or can do something to change people’s thinking or even the world’s thinking by a simple speech and we have learned how powerful and persuasive speech can be.

  12. Courage means a sign of bravery. I can be courageous by changing how people think of God or by making a change in the world a good change in the world🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  13. 1) courage is something that you do that is brave or to change something

    2) I want to be courageous in my life by changeing something that affects lives or even change the world and I know that is really cliché of me but it is what I want and hopefully what I am going to do in my life

  14. Evan is hoping that my sister will get better.😳

    Courage is when you do something that somebody else is frightened of. I want to be courageous by going to a Muslim country that doesn’t like the idea of Christianity and sharing my faith there.

  15. LukeySkywalker

    I think by takeing risks and just doing what people told you what you could’t do and just have the courage to go on stage or share god

    • Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog loves Y.M.C.A

      COURAGE to me means to be able to face danger. haveing courage is trying some thing new.

  16. Sorry I meant *but.

  17. I think courage is bravery, but for me its hard to describe courage without using the word courage. I also think that if you have courage you have to do it out of heart not for selfish reasons. I can be courageous by not just thinking of myself butterflies just getting over my fear and take a stand.

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