Homework #25 – Building the Impossible!

Watch these two videos of the Golden Gate Bridge and answer the questions below?

What do you think was the toughest hurdle to overcome to get the bridge built?

Do you think you could one day have the ability to dream of something of this scale?  Why or why not?

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  1. i think that the hard part was the strong seas and the height it is very dangerous and scary!!!

  2. TheChickenWhoCried

    I personally think that the most dangerous thing was defiantly the weather and the risk of others dying. We all have ideas everyday some are silly some aren’t those so many different ideas in the world and others actually have an idea they Want to become reality. So yes I do think I can have ideas like that idea.

  3. I think the toughest thing to overcome would be the fear that you could fall and miss the safety nets.
    I think that one day I can definitely build something to this scale I have already dreamed it up so now I just need to do it and have people that will help me and believe in me like Walt Disney.

  4. Courages jack💪💪💪

    I think I can do that I believe any person can do that but the scale of it that would take alot of belief in your self they. also they had to hurdle over failure so they don’t just given up

  5. Harry Potter (Kyler)

    1. I think that the biggest hurdle was the area it was in because of all the boat traffic, earth quakes, and weather conditions.

    2. Yes, I already have. I think I could make it happen because I have the inspiration and determination to make it happen.

  6. Séan Garnier (Gorang)

    The hardest thing they had to go through was the Great Depression because they had to make the bridge with what they had I can do it with the help of god because anything is possible with God

  7. That’s mine down below : Luke

  8. I think the hardest thing would be that it was the great dipreassion and the working condishons they had to work through
    Yes we can have a deam you just have to comite and believe

  9. I think the hardest thing to overcome was the wind, the great depression, and earthquakes. I could and but i would be to scared and wouldnt have the will power to something in the sky on the ground i would

  10. 1. how to get the idea to build the bridge.
    2. yes. I can do anything according to gods will

  11. I think the biggest thing they had to overcome was the winds and the Great Depression and earthquakes. I think I can do it but I won’t do it by myself I do it with God because anything is possible with God and if he can do so can I

  12. I think the biggest problem they had to overcome was the Great Depression winds and earthquakes. I think I can do this with God because anything is possible with God and if Joseph stories could do it so can I

  13. Soccer is the best sport ever! (Sage) according to me

    1) I think that maybe the winds earthquakes and the water flowing and flowing. Also the towers and the lines connecting them.
    2) I mean maybe if I put my faith in God and build whatever with Him and I do my part when He helps me then most definitely yes I can do this. Also if you do hard work and believe in yourself then I can do it.

  14. Evan is sad that most of the class didn't go to the car wash.

    1. The city of San Francisco 2. Yes, because if Joseph Strauss could do it, why can’t I?

  15. 1) I think that the hardest thing that they had to overcome is that they were building the Golden Gate Bridge during the Great Depression which meant they didn’t have enough money to actually build it so they had to start taking from bonds so that they could build the bridge

    2) I think I could maybe one day do something or build something this big that effected people and how they lived for better and not for worse and maybe I can change something or someone

  16. I think their biggest obstacle was the horrendous weather that they had to work in to get the Golden Gate Bridge built. Also maybe the height of the bridge was a problem because it was easy to slip and die so their safety was probably an issue. I mean considering that 11 people died because of that. However it’s really good that he made them wear hard helmets and had put nets under most of the people. It was good idea because he was able to save 19 people’s lives because of it.

    Also I think I could do something like what he did I would just need to be well.. one thing older to build something, but no matter what age I am I at least know that I could make a difference even if it’s just a small difference. But I think that I could probably make a difference in people’s lives but maybe not build a bridge.

  17. I think the hardest thing to overcome was building the two towers that supported the bridge. I think I could build something like that because I am good at math I think outside the box and I like challenges.

  18. Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog is awesome

    1 I think the most dangerous thing of the building the bridge was not falling off. 2 yes I could, I would try to make a machine to clean the air from pollution.

    • Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog is awesome

      oops for number one I forgot to type about how the biggest hurdle was that they didn’t have the money to build it so they used the bonds.

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