Homework #26 – The Power of Contentment

Watch the two videos and answer the questions below.

1.What should make a person content, satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else?

2.Did William Randolph Hearst seem content?

3.What will you need to be content?

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  1. We should be content because we have so much and others have a lot less
    He was not content because he always wanted more
    After I look at this video and i don’t need anything

  2. we should be content with what we have but i dont do that some times. and i should work on that.he didnt. what makes me contenet is my family and friends and God

  3. TheChickenWhoCried (Faith)

    I think the thing that will make you content is have the Lord and your faith. Well what i’ve heard and seen and what to me seems like content. No, I do not think he was content kept doing more more trying to find his contentness. When you have a stronger faith in the Lord.

  4. Ivy โ˜บ

    I mean un happy not in

  5. Ivy โ˜บ

    Hearst was never content he was always in happy he always wanted more. Even though he had so many things .you should be happy with what you have!

  6. 1) a person should be content with what they have and not want any more. They could still be happy and grateful with what they have.

    2) William Randolph Hearst did not seem content he wanted more and more and was very satisfied with what he had

    3) what would make me content is what I have now. I am content and happy with what I have.

  7. 1.Over all the bear necessities should be enough for you to be satisfied. 2. No, because he always wanted more and never stopped building his mansion. 3. Well for me to be content I would like to be middle class or a little higher and have God in my life and a Church that is like a family. And a family for me.

  8. Courages jack๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

    1)They can try to think of how they can help people in need and can help them get stuff by get them stuff.2)William didn’t have content because he always no matter what he allays wanted more.3)You need to be great full for what you have.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  9. 1.)I think the only way is to be ok with what YOU have
    2.)I don’t think he didn’t because if he did he wouldn’t have kept rebuilding and he would keep it normal and try not to get tired of his house not seeing the same things
    3.)To be content you have to be greatful

  10. messi (Gorang)

    You need to be satisfied with what you have
    He was not satisfied with what he had he wanted more and more
    You have to thankful for what you have and not compare yourself to other people

  11. Lauren๐Ÿ˜‹

    Thankfulness, gratetude , and appreciation for what you have is what it takes to be content. Also, not comparing what you have with others because there’s always someone out there with much more, and someone else with much less. William Randolph Hearst wasn’t content because he continued to want more than he already had, and he was a greedy person who wanted to be known for his wealth and riches. I need to be more thankful because I tend to compare what I’ve got with others, and it doesn’t get me anywhere. Instead, I need to see what I have and think of ” what if I didn’t have this?” Or ” do I NEED more than what I’ve got?” etc…

  12. Evan is exited about my sister's preformance Wednesday.

    1. Satisfied with what one has or is. 2. No, he didn’t seem content. 3. For things to be fair.

  13. you need to be satisfied for what you have. He was not satisfied he always wanted more. you have to be thankful for what you have, and not just think all day about the stuff you want

  14. be glad for what you have.
    something that you want

  15. Jesus should make you content. No not in a million years he was definitely not content he was always in want For better than what he had. It takes you to have to be thankful because if you aren’t thankful for what you have you most likely won’t be content . You also need to able to realize what you have not just dwell on the stuff that you don’t have.

  16. Neymar (Sage)

    1) Satisfied with what one is or has.
    2) Not at all he wasn’t satisfied with what he had he kept wanting more.
    3) You need satisfaction cause you need to be satisfied with what you have also thankfulness cause you need to be thankful for what you have and how fortunate we are cause other people have less than us so we need to be thankful.

    • Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog loves Y.M.C.A

      1 I’m going to say is be happy for what you have. 2 no, because he was always rebuilding everything and was not content with what he had. 3 What makes me be content is I have a good family and good friends.

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