Homework #27 – Just a Bill!

Watch this classic clip of how a bill can become a law and answer the questions below.

Most “Bill’s” don’t ever become laws.  Since that is the case it could be really easy for someone to say, “Why try?”

If you had an idea, that could become law that would help our state and country, would you fight for it?

What are some ideas you do have to help our state or country?

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  1. TheChickenWhoCried

    Well it does dep be on the idea. I would first ask a variety of people and see how they think of the idea and if a lot of them agree with it then I might go through with it, but a lot of them don’t agree with it the. It would be a small chanc I would do it. But I guess I would only really fight for it if I felt like it was right. One of my ideas would defiantly be about helping the homeless.

  2. 1) Yes, i would if i think that it could potentially help with something.

    2) i would like to make as much stuff eco friendly and/or recyclable so that would help our earth with pollution

  3. Yes
    I would fight for it because it would be a oppinen of mine and I would not give up because it matters
    I would help the people in war for more helth care and treatment

  4. Yes
    And to help the homeless on the streets and to precedent our taxes for gas going up

  5. Harry Potter (Kyler)

    1: Heck yeah

    2: Building desalination plants (Which if Israel can afford them so can we). Also building dams to generate affordable energy that is eco-friendly and effective.

  6. Ace of Dimonds 🃏🃏🃏🎲🎲🎲

    Ace of Dimonds is (jackson)

  7. Ase of Dimonds 🔷🔷🔷🃏🃏🃏

    1)Yes it would be easy for someone to say that but they always should try because there is still that chance that it can happen. 2) If it was a reasonable idea I would fight for it but if I had to make my decision in like a short period of time I would probably would rush and not think it through then I wouldn’t fight for it. 3) That we should have clean up days to help cities look better so more people will come to the United states and be amazed. That we shouldn’t go to war with people unless we absolutely have to.

  8. Rhyan/Rhyrhy\Rhydog is awesome

    1 If it is important than yes if it is not important than no. 2 My ideas is to prevent poverty, hunger and homeless. P.s i think we watch this in fifth grade.

  9. 1.) yes it would help a lot
    2.) to prevent the amount of homeless on the streets

  10. Yes, to help our state I think we should make marijuana illegal again. And for our country we should make laws to help veterans.

  11. Evan is exited about our trip next week. Lets hope it doesn't ❄in Yosemite

    Of course

    • Evan is exited about our trip next week. Lets hope it doesn't ❄in Yosemite

      Sorry abou that. The one above is the first one. 2. To not have the government give you healthcare,

  12. Yes i definitely fight. Also I want to end poverty, and end raicism which I know people have done great things to try to stop it but it definitely still exists and I want to stop it. Also I know it is such a cliché statement but I’m going to say it “I Wish To Have World Peace”.

  13. Ronaldo (Gorang)

    1)yes definetly 2) I would want to end poverty ,hunger,and wars

  14. Yes i would it would to end slavery

  15. Neymar (Sage)

    1) yes for sure. 2) this is very cliche but I would like to stop world 🌎 hunger and more people to have jobs and to prevent wars.

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