The Power of Ideas is Del Rosa Christian School’s sixth grade history class.

We explore history hands on by teaching and visiting some of California’s most inspiring and troubling places.   From visiting Yosemite National Park and capturing the bueaty that inspired John Muir to approach congress and even President Roosevelt to preserve America’s natural landscape.

We will also travel to Manzanar, a Japanese Relocation Center during World War II.  There we will see what the ideas of fear and prejudice can lead to.

We desire to show are students that through studing history you just don’t learn facts and useless information, but you see how ideas have the power to cause change for benefit or demise of others.

  1. Evan is sad that most of the class didn't go to the car wash.


  2. AWESOME 4 EVER$$$$$

    i think history is the best subject ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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